Film Lineup 2022 Grassroots Film Fest

Backyard Polluters

Pollution is a national problem: 4 in 10 Americans live with dangerously high levels of pollution, according to the American Lung Association. And amongst this staggering statistic, people of color and low-income communities absorb the greatest impact. Black Americans, according to the EPA, are three times more likely to die from air pollution. This segment chronicles how these communities are literally fighting for their lives as they take on Big Industry head-first.


Breaking Barriers

Privilege creates a series of invisible, but very real societal, cultural, and physical barriers. You will meet individuals dedicated to upholding every person’s right to accessing the outdoors, public space, professional fields, and resources – pioneers for their community and generations to follow.


Cohabitating: Sharing the Planet With Other Species

Our first-ever animal-themed segment celebrates the importance of our furred and feathered friends, and explores our varied relationships with the non-human world.

You might be thinking, “animal welfare isn’t a part of grassroots community activism!” But how do we protect the environment if we don’t speak up for all the living creatures? How can we stand for justice if we don’t stand up for all living things? And how can we build community resilience without seeing animals as part of our community?


Generation Climate Change

Many adults may escape the devastation of climate change. But for today’s youth, climate change is their future; it is not an issue they can procrastinate. These films follow a generation that has been forced to grow up too fast – sacrificing childhood to defend their very world.


These communities and activists show us the importance of giving back to the land we depend on, and the devastating consequences of our society’s one-sided extractive relationship with the earth. In this segment, we’ll meet individuals who are partnering with nature rather than trying to control it. This approach highlights the importance of more fire-resilient land stewardship, regenerative community agriculture, and a reciprocal relationship with ecosystems – especially the waterways that act as the veins and arteries of our shrinking planet.



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