Live Event

After two years apart, we had the opportunity to kick off our 2022 Grassroots Film Fest in person! Thank you for joining our celebration of community and grassroots activism – in the form of tacos, margaritas, and movies. The films streamed at our live event represent the Rose Foundation, our grantees, and the spirit of the Grassroots Film Fest, depicting relentless activists, inspiring victories, and . . . selfless grasshoppers.

Remothering the Land – playing one time only at our Sept. 15th Live Event.

As the terms “organic,” “sustainable,” “regenerative,” and “permaculture,” become more and more trendy, we forget where these practices originate from. Before they were coined in contemporary lingo, Indigenous tribes practiced these methods. Remothering the Land explores how Bay Area activists are re-engaging with Indigenous traditions and introducing them to younger generations. Remothering the Land features Rose Foundation Grantee Sogorea Te Land Trust, and activist Nazshonnii Brown-Almaweri. Watch our Q&A with Nazshonnii at

Hopper’s Day

In Hopper’s Day, you’ll see how small critters approach large problems. Situated in a barren, drought-ravaged landscape, a parched grasshopper searches for water. Upon finding it, the grasshopper must contend with the many insects and animals clamoring over this precious resource. Created by a university student, our one-and-only animation will move adults and children alike, for this tiny grasshopper has a tremendous amount to teach us.


Elevated is a portrait of climber Sonya Wilson, who, born Deaf in a hearing-prejudice world, endured years of discrimination. Treating these negative experiences as not a hindrance but a challenge, she is on a mission to lead the Deaf community to new heights in the communication-heavy sport of climbing.

Breaking Trail

Join Emily Ford and an Alaskan Husky sled dog, Diggins, on a 69-day adventure along the Ice Age trail. The pair take on a brutal 1,200 miles of subzero backpacking that tests their physical endurance and mental fortitude. Along the way, Emily and Diggins find that the outside world has been vigorously cheering the on – leaving brownies and other tokens of encouragement for them to find. They emerge from their journey as figureheads of outdoors accessibility, as Emily becomes the first woman and person of color to complete this trek. 

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