Resources and Action 2022 Grassroots Film Fest

Watch Inspiring Films, Learn More, and Take Action!

Thank you for being a part of the Rose Foundation’s 2022 Film Fest! Our curated selection of films share powerful, inspiring narratives of people of all ages taking action at the grassroots to create a just, livable world for generations to come. We hope this year’s special film lineup leaves you feeling more aware, connected, and energized to be in this collective movement for our communities and the environment. These films are not just stories that exist on screen; they are a call for all of us to learn more, plug in, and take action.

This Resources & Action Page provides you with information about the films and the issues highlighted, useful links, and ways to act in support of the efforts shown in each work. Please refer to this page frequently, as you watch the films in each of our five Themed Film Segments. Thank you for supporting grassroots activism and community resilience! Stay tuned for more information to come.

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