Adapting to the Pandemic Grantee Spotlight

There has been a call around the world to socially-distance ourselves and take every measure we can as individuals to flatten the curve. During these uncertain times, global health updates are overwhelming our newsfeeds. That’s why we, at the Rose Foundation, are providing a much-needed break from the pandemic coverage to remind you that the pivotal grassroots work continues!

Continue reading to find out how some of our incredible grantees are finding creative and innovative ways to continue their work during the global health crisis:

California Reinvest Coalition Prevent ScamsFinancial predators and scammers are already taking advantage of the coronavirus crisis to target seniors, people who are fearful or cash strapped, and even people who are trying to be helpful. The California Reinvestment Coalition created this resource to help protect you and your loved ones from scams. Haga clíc aquí para leer en español.
The California Reinvestment Coalition is a grantee of our Consumer Financial Education FundLearn more about the Fund on our website.

In addition to their environmental education work in North Denver, EGS & Partners is finding a great way to use the network they have developed. They are connecting their community members with different resources (governmental and community-led) that families need to deal with the economic impacts of COVID-19. EGS & Partners is funded through our Grassroots Leadership Fund, in partnership with the Kresge Foundation’s Climate Resilient and Equitable Water Systems (CREWS) Initiative. Read about the Fund on our website.
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While we stay home and flatten the curve, Mycelium Youth Network has created a series of Resilience in Pandemic Times programming for students and adults! Be sure to check it out! Mycelium Youth Network is supported through our California Environmental Grassroots Fund. We are currently running a fundraising campaign to raise $20,000 for the Grassroots Fund. Take the Grassroots Challenge to support grassroots heroes driving forward the movement for communities and the environment!

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