2018 Anthony Prize Winner

About Chris Hwang

Chris Hwang addresses the crowd at Walk Oakland Bike Oakland’s Bike to Work Day event.

Rose Foundation announced bicycle champion Christine Hwang as the winner of the 2018 Anthony Grassroots Prize, an annual $1,000 award recognizing an outstanding example of grassroots environmental stewardship. After biking to downtown Oakland himself, Rose Foundation Executive Director Tim Little will present the award at Walk Oakland Bike Oakland’s (WOBO’s) Bike to Work Day event (May 10, 2018, at 8:15am in Frank Ogawa Plaza, Oakland).

Chris Hwang is a tireless advocate for biking and walking. As the chair of Walk Oakland Bike Oakland, she has played a catalytic role in the development of this highly effective, volunteer-led organization that strives to improve neighborhood quality of life by making biking and walking easy, safe, and enjoyable for all Oakland residents. “Walk Oakland Bike Oakland has benefited from the critical support of the Rose Foundation, as have many grassroots advocacy groups. It is a tremendous honor to receive the Anthony Prize. This award is a reflection of the passion and desire for change of WOBO supporters and neighborhood leaders, upon whose trust and ideas I rely on to advocate for vibrant, livable, and sustainable communities. I thank the Foundation for recognizing our collective dreams,” said Chris.

The 2018 Anthony Grassroots Prize recognizes Chris Hwang’s enthusiastic leadership in helping Oakland become a modern, healthy, and livable city. “Look at the human and economic costs of gasoline,” explains Juliette Anthony, a lifelong environmental activist and Chair of the Anthony Prize Selection Committee, “Chris is leading us to a better future. We need more people like her!” Rose Foundation Executive Director Tim Little adds, “Throughout California, we suffer from poor air quality and dangerous streets due to heavy automobile traffic. We salute Chris’ work to place Oakland at the forefront of an active transportation revolution which benefits everyone who walks, bikes, or breathes.”

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Chris Hwang leads local cyclists on a bicycle tour.

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