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What the Youth Think About Plan Bay Area 2040

Rose intern, Mykela Patton, recently went to the Plan Bay Area 2040 Alameda County town hall and she shares her opinion on the plan

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Tools for the Future

The Humbolt Institute and our grantee FutureWise have both published reports that focus on cities. Cities and urbanization are a big concern of the future as they contribute to many global issues such as disease, sanitation, and climate change.

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The 2017 Summer Climate Justice Leadership Academy Application is now open!

The application for the 2017 Summer Climate Justice Leadership Academy is now open! Apply Now! Applications are due Friday April 21.

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Tips from the 2016 Grassroots Convening 9 Tips from Our Annual Grassroots Convening

The 2016 Grassroots Convening was a success, and here are some tips we would love to give you!

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Grantees Advocating for Clean Air in Pittsburg, CA Former and current grantees of Rose Foundation came together this summer to continue advocating for Clean Air in Pittsburg, California.

Air quality has become an increasingly important issue around the Bay Area, and communities have expressed their voices. In Pittsburg, CA Rose Foundation staff and grantees are coming together to inform community members on air quality near their home.

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