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New Voices Are Rising’s 2019 Summer Academy Is in Full Swing! And we're just getting started.

Summer Academy students joined organizers from the Local Clean Energy Alliance to protest a bailout for PG&E, given their liability for disastrous wildfires across the state – and their work was featured in the SF Chronicle!

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June E-News

Summer is here!

Check out what grantee Coastal Watershed Council is up to, and more.

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It’s Groundwater Planning Time Get Help Navigating the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

Check out these helpful resources and this important notice from Rose Foundation partner Community Water Center!

Summer and fall are especially important times for groundwater planning. In preparation for this period, Community Water Center (CWC) has just released two new resources for protecting drinking water quality in the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA).

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Join New Voices in the Fight for Climate Justice – Donate Today! Help Us Raise $25,000 for the 2019 Summer Academy

New Voices is raising $25,000 by June 14th to power the 2019 Summer Climate Justice Leadership Academy. New Voices youth know we need to act now for climate justice. So don’t wait – donate to the crowdfund today!

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May E-News Celebrating Grassroots Heroes

Thanks to you, we doubled our challenge match and raised over $21,000 for grassroots groups working from the bottom up to protect nature, build climate resilience, and advance social justice.

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Green River College Foundation

Improving Environmental Restoration with UAVs The Green/Duwamish Watershed is over 90 miles long, covers over 450 square miles,…

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March E-News

The number of those affected by disasters is expected to grow in future years due to climate change, creating a long-term need for second responder organizations like our grantee, UpValley Family Centers.

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February E-News

The New Voices Just Breathing air quality monitoring project at Coliseum College Prep Academy has come to a close, with data that reported alarming levels of particulate matter in the school auditorium. Click to read more on this story and the future of environmental restoration.

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Cultivando Las Bases

Las voces de las personas más afectadas por la contaminación no siempre son las que se escuchan o se consideran cuando los responsables de la toma de decisiones gubernamentales o corporativas escriben las políticas que afectan la vida cotidiana de los miembros de la comunidad.

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Escuchando Nuevas Voces

Comenzar en el departamento de comunicaciones de una nueva organización es un desafío. Hay toneladas de lectura e investigación detrás del desarrollo y la elaboración de mensajes simples, especialmente cuando el mensaje debe basarse en datos y combina los rigores de la ciencia con la pasión de la justicia ambiental. Ahora imagina hacer este trabajo en medio de un lugar frecuentado por adolescentes, que es precisamente en lo que se convierte Rose Foundation cada miércoles por la tarde.

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