How To Apply National Parks Centennial Celebration Program

Please follow these instructions to apply to the National Parks Centennial Celebration Program. This program will offer one-time, special purpose small grants of up to $5,000. To accommodate differing Centennial Celebration event timelines, we are offering two application deadlines:

  • March 1, 2016 (grant announcements no later than April 15)
  • June 1, 2016 (grant announcements no later than July 15)

While we are offering two deadlines, you may apply only once to this program. We strongly encourage organizations holding events this summer to apply by the first (March 1st) deadline.

The following information will be required when submitting an application:

Organizational Information: Organization name, Tax ID number, website address, name of the primary contact person, title of contact person, address, telephone number, fax, email. Please note that the applying organization does not have to be based in California, but the event must be.

Fiscal Sponsor Contact Information (if applicable): Including primary contact person, email, telephone number, address, and Tax ID number.

Project Name: Please provide the name of your National Park Centennial celebration event.

Project Summary: Please provide a short (no more than 2 -3 sentences) summary of your celebration event. Be sure that your summary includes how your event connects to the NPS Centennial. (i.e. How does your event or program celebrate the Centennial?)

Amount Requested: How much money are you requesting for your event? ($5,000 maximum grant size. Please note that Centennial program funds can be used ONLY for expenses directly connected to the celebration event or activity)

Celebration Event Description:

  • Please describe your event or program. You must tell us how your event or program celebrates the NPS Centennial. Please be specific.
  • Who are your partners in planning and execution?
  • What are your goals? What impact do you hope to have? Note that your goals need to connect to the Centennial in some way. (This can include numbers of people participating; media coverage; attracting new allies or opinion leaders to your event(s); creating community awareness of the NPS Centennial and the value of our National Parks; building community support for the National Park system and specific NPS units; raising awareness around ongoing wilderness, parks and open space issues, community awareness of the value of wilderness and open space, etc.)
  • How does this event interface with local communities?
  • Is your event or program connected to advocacy for expanding a national park, creating a new national monument, wilderness designations, or greater protection of existing wildlands areas? If so, how? And how will this project advance advocacy and organizing?
  • How does your proposed event or program relate to other Centennial events? Are you aware of other National Parks Centennial celebrations in your park, and, if so, how are you connecting with the organizations hosting those events?

Financial Information:

  • Expense and revenue budget for the event (including how you would allocate the amount requested from the National Parks Centennial Celebration Program).
  • Actual expenses and revenues for the event as of application date.
  • Fundraising plan for the event and status as of application date.

How to Submit your Proposal

Proposals may be submitted using our online grant application portal or by email. Please don’t do both.

To submit proposals online, go to: // If you have previously applied to Rose Foundation for a grant, please use the same login and password.

To submit proposals by email, send to calwildlands[at] Please send your proposal including attachments in PDF, Word, or Excel formats. Please limit total narrative to six pages or less, plus budget and financial information.

What Happens Next

You will receive an email acknowledgement of your proposal within a few days of receipt. Applicants may or may not be contacted for follow up information.


Email: calwildlands[at]
Call: 510-658-0702

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