Celebrating Earth Day Grantee Spotlight

Written by Communications Intern Micaela Wu

Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day is just around the corner! Over the last year, the pandemic has exposed and exacerbated environmental issues and inequity. This year’s Earth Day theme, Restore Our Earth, reflects how urgent it is for us to take bold climate and environmental action in the face of these issues.

Our grantees are helping to lead the movement to address these challenges and protect our air, water, food, and environment for years to come. They are finding some great ways to celebrate Earth Day! Check them out, get inspired, and get active in protecting the planet for Earth Day!

Battle Creek Alliance
Manton, CA
Supported by the California Environmental Grassroots FundCalifornia Wildlands Grassroots Fund, and California Watershed Protection Fund

Last Earth Month, Battle Creek Alliance filed a lawsuit challenging the approval of logging plans that do not acknowledge their impacts on local watersheds, wildlife, and climate. This Earth Day, Battle Creek Alliance is heading to court to protect the Sierra through our legal system — a powerful method to “Restore Our Earth.” Read the lawsuit here and stay tuned for updates about the hearing on their website.

Citizens’ Committee for Flood Relief
De Soto, MO
Supported by the Grassroots Leadership Fund

Citizens’ Committee for Flood Relief is taking this year’s Earth Day theme to heart. They are restoring and revitalizing the land around their community by planting 120 native trees and bushes around local parks, community spaces, and newly vacant lots. You can stay updated about their local community efforts in their Facebook group.

Seattle, WA
Supported by the Puget Sound Stewardship & Mitigation Fund

EarthCorps is celebrating all month long, highlighting a different environmental topic every week of Earth MonthCheck their webpage every week of April to learn about the outdoors, healthy ecosystems, and youth power and connect through weekly emails, activities, and social media challenges. For week one, you can join the group in exploring trails across Washington, find wellness tips for pre- and post-hike, and get advice for picking out your gear. The group’s month of celebration will culminate with a virtual screening and Q&A of There is No Planet B on Earth Day.

Promesa Boyle Heights
Los Angeles, CA
Supported by the California Watershed Protection Fund

Join Promesa Boyle Heights for a community-wide event to learn about equity and access to water and parks. Throughout Earth Day, you can participate in a variety of virtual activities, including education about the history of Earth Day, watershed health, pollution awareness, and hearing from incredible guest speakers.

Sugar Pine Foundation
South Lake Tahoe, CA
Supported by the California Wildlands Grassroots Fund

Help protect Tahoe’s forests by planting sugar pine seedlings! These native trees, which are threatened by an invasive fungus, are essential to the region’s wildlife and watershed. Join the Sugar Pine Foundation in planting thousands of trees this April.

These are just a few of the exciting events our grantees have planned for Earth Day. Keep an eye out for our Earth Day email full of even more great ways to celebrate with our grantees, fiscally sponsored projects, and partners. We can’t wait to celebrate, protect, and restore the Earth with all of you!

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