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October 2016 Annual Grassroots Grantee Convening

November/December 2016 Closing Gathering

January 2, 2017 Exit Phase Reports Due

Technical Support Grants

Each CLP grantee can apply for technical supports grants of up to $7,500 and an additionally technical support grant of $5,000 for a total of $20,000. Technical support grants can be used to hire consultants to help the organization build it capacity; for staff or board trainings; technology, equipment, or software; or other TA needs as proposed by the Grantee and approved by Rose Foundation. Technical support grants cannot be used to pay staff, for program work or overhead.

The technical support grants should support the organization’s capacity plans.

Groups may apply for the first installment after they have submitted their first year reports and capacity plans – both are due on January 3, 2014. Groups have until March 31st to apply for this first installment.

Groups can apply for the second installment of $7,500 after they have spent and reported on the first installment. The deadline to apply for the second installment is March 31, 2015. Additionally, after groups have spent their first 2 installments, they may apply for a 3rd grant of up to $5,000 for a total award of $20,000.

Application for Technical Support Grants

Bonus Grants

Each Rose Foundation CLP Community Grantee is eligible to receive a $4,000 grant to help build your organizational capacity in the areas of financial stability, adaptive capacity, and leadership. This additional bonus money may be used for technical assistance, technology, staff time to complete capacity projects or for leadership development activities, or to hire consultants. This money must be used to build the organizations capacity and may not be used for programs.

Deadline to apply is March 16th. To apply, please submit a brief proposal to Tina at wehjconsulting [at] and cc Karla at kjames [at]


Handouts From our CLP Community Grantee Convening, May 22, 2015

From our peer luncheon on Nonprofit Boards on March 13, 2015, here are some resources:

From our peer luncheon on Self-Care on August 25, 2014, here are some resources:

From our peer luncheon on Databases on June 14, 2014, here are some resources:

From our CLP Rose Community Grantee Convening on November 19, 2014, here are some resources:

Other resources:


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