Consumer Financial Education Funding Board

The Fund is advised by a volunteer funding board of individuals who have tremendous expertise in the field of consumer financial education.



Jean Ann Fox

Jean Ann Fox volunteers with Arizonans for Responsible Lending as an advocate for consumer financial services protections. Prior to retirement, she was Director of Financial Services for Consumer Federation of America. Fox specialized in issues of high-cost credit including payday and car title loans, bank overdrafts fees, and tax refund loans. She advocated for passage of the federal Military Lending Act and served on the steering committee to defeat a payday lending ballot initiative in Arizona.

Fox holds Masters degrees from Cornell University and the University of Pittsburgh.


Mona Masri

Mona has more than 15 years’ experience in corporate social responsibility and community economic development, including involvement in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.  Her passion for working on solutions which address pressing community needs, is expressed through creative problem solving, conceptualizing innovative solutions, and driving execution to deliver results.

Masri co-founded Summit Co-Lab, a consulting collaborative, where she strives to advance positive social change by activating human, social and financial capital through collaborative, integrated expertise and a focus on outcomes.

Her previous experience includes leading the statewide efforts of Citibank’s Community Development Group in California as well as heading the Northern California office of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), a leading international non-profit humanitarian aid organization. At the IRC Masri spearheaded efforts to integrate financial capability into existing programming for refugees and immigrants.

By working closely through strategic partnerships with leading organizations such as Mission Asset Fund, Opportunity Fund, and Self-Help Credit Union, Masri has developed a proven track record of identifying and executing innovative financial inclusion initiatives. Recent examples include linked emergency savings accounts and culturally appropriate peer lending circles.

Masri holds both a BA in Finance and a Master’s in Urban & Regional Planning from the University of Southern California.


Greg McBride, CFA

Greg McBride, CFA, is Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Analyst, for, providing analysis and advice on personal finance.

With more than two decades of experience in personal finance, he is a subject matter expert that has the unique ability to provide both in-depth commentary and practical advice to consumers. Through’s Money Makeover series, he has helped consumers plan for retirement, manage debt and develop appropriate investment allocations.

McBride has appeared on hundreds of national cable and network broadcasts including NBC’s “Nightly News,” CBS’ “Evening News” and ABC’s “World News Tonight.” He is a frequent guest on CNBC, CNN, Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network. McBride is routinely quoted by major print outlets such as The Associated Press, Wall Street Journal and USA Today, serves as a Wall Street Journal Expert Panelist, and is a regular radio guest on financial talk shows throughout the United States. He is also an accomplished public speaker, having appeared before audiences at the Federal Reserve Board, Federal Trade Commission, American Association of Individual Investors and at the China Times Golden Cicada Awards in Beijing.

McBride currently serves on the board of Money Management International of Sugar Land, TX, a nonprofit credit counseling agency accredited by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. He has a distinguished record of serving on boards in the credit counseling industry, having previously chaired a finance and investment committee, and having served on executive and development committees.

McBride is a graduate of the University of Florida and has earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.


Marsela Pecanac

Marsela Pecanac is the first vice president in charge of deposits for the consumer banking arm of New Resource Bank. She also manages the bank’s relationship with nonprofits, foundations and other enterprises with a social mission.

Formerly a banking executive at Raiffeisen Bank International in Vienna, Austria, Pecanac also has owned a boutique management consulting firm. She was drawn to New Resource because it’s “a place that shows us that profits mean little unless our purpose is treating people and the planet well. The bank embraces the idea that sustainability requires profound shifts in thinking and a drastically different way of living on our planet. More than that, sustainability is about treating the disadvantaged in a much better way than we have. Ultimately, it’s about creating wellbeing for everyone.”

Through her role at New Resource, Pecanac deeply enjoys working with nonprofits and foundations that are making a significant impact in the United States and around the world on a variety of fronts, including environmental protection, social justice, education, human rights, gender equality and promotion of the arts.


Fred Selinger

After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley, Fred Selinger went on to a distinguished career in corporate finance, investment banking, and financial consulting.  Over the last twelve years he created and has taught over 7,000 Cal students in a “Personal Financial Management” course. He also authored, “The Missing Link: From College to Career and Beyond” which is now in it’s sixth edition. In addition to being a continuing lecturer at UCB, Selinger co-founded an on-campus support group for Cal students who have lived in foster care, are orphans, or wards of the court.

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