Current Grantees Consumer Privacy Rights Fund


Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood
Toolkits to Protect Student Privacy
Fiscal Sponsor: Third Sector New England
Region: National
Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood will partner with the Parent Coalition for Student Privacy to create and distribute privacy toolkits to educate parents, teachers, and administrators about best practices for ensuring students’ personal information is protected when using online venders, educational apps and other web-based resources. 

Consumer Action
Internet Privacy and Security Educational Project
Region: National
Consumer Action will create, translate, print, post and distribute a multilingual educational module with two brochures (in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese) to educate consumers on how to protect their privacy while streaming video content and using social media. They will distribute 100,000-125,000 publications to low and moderate income consumers using their national network of more than 7,500 community-based organizations.

Council for Responsible Genetics
Genetic Privacy Genealogy Project
Region: National
The increasing popularity of direct-to-consumer DNA testing kits and the growing online world of genetic genealogy is putting the privacy of consumers and their relatives at risk. The Council for Responsible Genetics will develop, disseminate and promote the “Genetic Privacy and Genealogy Manual: Understanding the Threats – Understanding Your Rights.” The manual will educate consumers, media and policy makers about privacy threats and provide tips on how to safeguard genetic information.

East Bay Community Law Center
Fair Chance Reporting Project: Advocating for Accurate Background Checks
Region: Alameda County (CA)
Background checks often contain information that is erroneous, outdated or improperly disclosed (such as dismissed convictions) and can be a barrier to obtaining employment and / or housing. EBCLC will vigorously enforce consumer protection laws to protect the privacy rights of vulnerable consumers; file strategic impact litigation to force companies and agencies to improve accuracy and create user control procedures to correct errors and violations; and empower and train community partners to help enforce privacy and consumer rights of their constituents.

Georgia Watch
Georgia Consumer Privacy Education Project
Region: Georgia
To educate and empower Georgia consumers to enhance their privacy online, prevent identity theft, and avoid common scams and predatory practices. Georgia Watch will train and empower community-based advocates to educate vulnerable populations across the state, so they can avoid online threats and protect their assets.

Identity Theft Resource Center
Hands-On Privacy Workshops
Region: Southern California and National
The ITRC and San Diego BBB Foundation will conduct a series of hands-on training workshops throughout Southern California and prepare instructional video(s) regarding online safety, management of privacy settings on mobile devices and online accounts, and identity theft risk minimization. Videos and materials will be disseminated through BBB and other partner organizations across the country, on social media platforms and ITRC’s highly visited website. 

Library Freedom Project
Library Freedom Project
Fiscal Sponsor: The Miami Foundation
Region: National
The Library Freedom Project teaches librarians how to educate library users about threats to online privacy, privacy rights and law, and technology tools that can be used to protect privacy. The participating librarians will gain better capacity to help protect the many members of underserved communities who often do not have ready access or much exposure to technology and must visit the library to use computers and the Internet.

The Utility Reform Network
Smart Phone Privacy Project
$60,000, 2-year project
Region: California
To protect the privacy of 16 million smart phone users in California by prohibiting mobile phone carriers from selling private web browsing data, phone call records, texting logs, and location information to data brokers without the affirmative informed consent of smart phone customers.

University of Washington Tech Policy Lab
Toys that Listen
Region: Washington and National
An increasing number of Internet-connected toys and other consumer products have the potential to listen to what is being said in the home and disclose this information through the Internet to manufacturers or other third parties. This project will bring an interdisciplinary group of experts together to build a set of consumer protection best practices for the design and user control of Internet-connected devices in the home.

Verified Voting Foundation
How New Voting Tech Compromises Privacy, and What You Can Do About It
Region: National
Our democracy depends on the right to a secret, private ballot, but Internet-based voting systems could compromised voter privacy. Voters’ identities and ballots are vulnerable to cyber attack and exposure, but the scope and severity of this threat is not widely understood by voters or election administrators. VVF will research and publish a report that describes the problem and proposes alternatives. This report will be widely publicized, starting a substantive public discussion about how to best protect voters’ privacy and election integrity.

Total: $447,895


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