How To Apply Consumer Privacy Rights Fund

To apply, applicants must complete a 2-step process using our online grant system. The first step is to submit a letter of inquiry. Any group that meets the eligibility criteria is welcome to submit a letter of inquiry. It is anticipated that the application process for this grant cycle will be highly competitive, and we expect to receive a large number of these submissions. It is expected that most proposals will be for 12-month grant periods; however, multi-year proposals are encouraged where appropriate. The maximum allowable total request is $50,000 even for multi-year proposals.

Because of limited funding, only a select number of applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal after all letters of inquiry are reviewed. If invited to submit a proposal, you will have the opportunity to write a detailed description of your proposed project.

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Step 1: Submit Letter of Inquiry

Any group who meets the eligibility requirements and has a project that promotes privacy protection and privacy education is welcome and encouraged to submit a letter of inquiry. This letter allows Rose Foundation to determine if the proposal appears to be a good fit for the Consumer Privacy Rights Fund.

The deadline for letters of inquiry is September 22, 2017 at 5:00 PM PDT.

You must register your organization with our online grants system to submit a Letter of Inquiry (if you have previously applied for a grant from Rose Foundation, you may use your existing log-in information. If you have forgotten your password, please email adiamond -at- so we can reset it for you). No application materials will be accepted by email, fax, or any other means besides the online system.

If you are registering your organization for the first time, you will need the organization’s name, tax ID number, website address, telephone numbers, email address, mailing address, contact person’s name, and position. Your email address will be your logon ID and you will set up a password.

To start an LOI, register your organization, or return to our online grants application system visit //

After registering your organization, the following information will be required when submitting a Letter of Inquiry:

  • Project Name: Please provide the name of the project for which you are seeking funding.
  • Amount Requested: How much money are you requesting from the Consumer Privacy Rights Fund?
  • Grant Period Requested: What is the duration of the grant you are seeking, in months?
  • Short Project Summary: Please provide a short summary of the project for which you are requesting funding.
  • Fiscal Sponsor Name: If your organization is fiscally sponsored by another 501(c)(3) organization, what is the name of your fiscal sponsor?
  • What is the EIN of your Fiscal Sponsor?: If your organization is fiscally sponsored, what is the tax identification number of your fiscal sponsor?
  • Summary Description of Applicant: Describe applicant’s organizational mission, current activities, and most important accomplishment(s). Please describe past experience in consumer privacy or consumer privacy education.
  • Organizational Leadership and Community Involvement: Please describe your organization’s leadership and community involvment. Describe any underserved or disadvantaged communities that benefit from your group’s work. How does your board and staff composition reflect the communities served by your organization?
  • Narrative Description: What would you do with this grant? Please provide an outline of your strategy, work plan, objective, and how you will evaluate progress. How does this project help people maintain their privacy online?
  • Evaluation: How will you approach evaluation of the long-term impact from this project, and what kind of milestones or indicators will you use?
  • Start and End: When does your project start and when does it end?
  • Constituency: Please describe the constituents who will benefit from the work of your project. How do these constituents benefit from the project? Specifically describe any disadvantaged or vulnerable constituents served by this project. What percentage of the project’s total constituents are underserved and/or vulnerable?
  • Geographic Area: Please describe the geographic areas that you will reach from your work on this project.
  • Budget Total Expense: For the current fiscal year, what is your organization’s total budget expense?
  • Previous Year’s Expenses: What were your total organizational expenses for the previous fiscal year?
  • What is the Total Budget for the Project?: What is the total budget expense for the project that you are requesting support for from Rose Foundation? What other funders are you approaching for support of this project?
  • Tax Status: Is your organization a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, or a nonprofit college or university?

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Step 2: Submit Full Proposal (By Invitation Only, Based on Letters of Inquiry)

We are accepting proposals from privacy organizations across the United States, and therefore expect the applicant pool to be extremely competitive. A limited number of applicants will be invited to submit full proposals based on their letters of inquiry. If invited to submit a proposal, you will have the opportunity to write a detailed description of your proposed project, including workplan, project allies, constituency served, importance and relevance of the project, outcomes and evaluation methods, staff and board lists, references, full financial information (including project budget, organizational budget, income and expense statement, organizational contributors, and additional funders), as well as other information.

If a full proposal is invited, it will be due December 15, 2017 at 5:00 PM PST.

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Grant Decisions will be announced in late January 2018.

For More Information

Check out our How to Apply webinar here, or download the webinar slides here.

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