Eligibility and Priorities Consumer Products Fund

Scope of Allowable Projects and Activities

  • Projects must be targeted towards consumers residing in the United States. These projects may be regional, statewide or national in scope.
  • Proposals must relate to educating consumers about the nature and efficacy of ingredients in the products they purchase.
  • It is anticipated that eligible projects may encompass, but not be limited to, the following issues or focus areas:
    • Help consumers understand product labels and/ or the accuracy of performance claims and ingredient disclosures in consumer products.
    • Help consumers compare labeling and/or performance claims between competing products, including potential health impacts.
    • Promote consumer awareness of natural products and/or product containing natural ingredients, including the wide range of ingredients that may be labeled as “natural.”
    • Promote truth-in-labeling, including advocating for appropriate disclosures and/or warnings on product labels.
    • Research product effectiveness and safety, and/or promote the application of the precautionary principle to consumer products.
  • Allowable Activities: Projects may use this grant funding to engage in the following activities to complete their objectives:
    • Consumer education or organizing including trainings, classroom activities, conferences, and/or print, web-based or social media outreach.
    • Policy development and implementation, including related research or advocacy, and limited lobbying as allowed by IRS 501c(3) regulations.
    • Legal advocacy including case development and litigation.

Prohibited Activities

Projects may not use this grant funding to engage in the following activities:

  • Electioneering or other political activities prohibited by IRS 501c(3) regulations.
  • Consumer education activities primarily targeted outside of the United States.


Jacqueline Cuevas, Consumer Products Fund Grant Assistant
jcuevas -at- rosefdn.org or call 510-658-0702 x305

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