Convening Registration 2018

Grassroots Convening Registration 2018

Registration closes on November 5, 2018.

To be eligible to register, you must be a staff member, volunteer or board member of a California group that has received a grant from the Northern California Environmental Grassroots Fund, the California Wildlands Grassroots Fund, or the Grassroots Training Institute. Current fiscally sponsored projects of the Rose Foundation are also eligible.

Please note: All grantees are warmly welcomed, regardless of when a grant was received.

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Personal Info

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If you qualify for a mileage stipend and/or hotel stipend, please complete this section.

Travel Stipend

If you would like to receive a travel stipend, what will be your one-way mileage to Oakland?
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If you are traveling more than 50 miles one-way to attend the convening you are eligible for a mileage stipend as listed below (limited to two per group):

  • $50  If you are 51 – 100 miles (one way) from Oakland
  • $75  If you are 101 – 150 miles (one way) from Oakland
  • $100  If you are 151 – 200 miles (one way) from Oakland
  • $150  If you are 201 – 300 miles (one way) from Oakland
  • $200  If you are more than 300 miles (one way) from Oakland

The travel scholarship checks will be disbursed at the conference when you check in.

Hotel Stipend

If traveling over 200 miles one-way, you are eligible for a hotel stipend of $110. If traveling over 300 miles one-way, you are eligible for a hotel stipend of $220. (Limited to two per group. Please only apply if you need a hotel room. You are responsible for making your own hotel reservation and for paying for your room. We will give you a check when you arrive at the convening.)

Photo and Sound Release

Each group can bring 2 people for free. Additional people cost $25 each (nonrefundable).

Each person attending the convening needs to submit a registration form. Each Group that has received a grant from Cal Wildlands or the Grassroots Fund can bring 2 people for free.

Send checks to: Rose Foundation, 201 4th Street, Suite 102, Oakland, CA 94607

To pay by credit card, go to Rose Donation Center. Put name of the person for which you are registering in the name line.

Tell Us About Your Group

To provide you with the most helpful content and exercises during our gathering, please answer these three questions.

Questions for Grant Workshop Registrants

Note: You only need to answer the questions below if you plan on attending the "Connecting to the Money: Write Like Your Grant Depended On It" workshop. If you do not plan on attending this workshop, you may leave these questions blank and skip to the "Comments" section.


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