Grantees Grassroots Leadership Fund

Meet our inaugural Grassroots Leadership Fund grantee cohort, who have inspired us with their dedication, vision, and collaborative spirit!

A Community VoiceA Community Voice
New Orleans, LA

Funded to organize residents and politicians around the Blight to Bioswales project, which works with the lowest income and most vulnerable residents to develop strategic plans to install bioswales and rain gardens that prepare communities for impending disasters.

Centreville Citizens for Change
Centreville, IL

Funded to empower and mobilize the residents of Centreville to hold elected officials, governmental bodies, and utility companies accountable for the severe stormwater flooding and raw sewage overflows that have impacted the community for years.

Citizens’ Committee for Flood Relief
De Soto, MO

Funded to mobilize local residents in generating political will around urban flooding protection, future planning, and emergency planning, in conjunction with local, state, and federal agencies.

Coalition for Wetlands and Forests
Staten Island, NY

Funded to preserve Graniteville Wetland and Forest, ameliorate the effects of climate change flooding, buffer the effects of air pollution, and empower those most impacted by the climate crisis.

Community In-Power and Development Association Inc.
Port Arthur, TX

Funded to continue combating urban flooding via community-led home repairs and federal buyout assistance; strengthening flood management infrastructure; keeping the community updated on local developments; and challenging big polluters.

EEECHOEducation, Economics, Environmental, Climate and Health Organization
Gulfport, MS

Funded to expand educational and training outreach; build capacity to bolster understanding of flooding, environmental pollution, and climate change; conduct workforce training for a variety of environmental careers; and challenge the development of wetlands.

Elyria, Globeville, Swansea & Partners (EGS & Partners)
Denver, CO

Funded to focus existing work for community development in North Denver on educating community members on urban flooding, and training them to install and maintain rain barrels.

Georgetown Open Space Committee
Seattle, WA

Funded to kick off a series of five coordinated neighborhood discussions about climate-induced flooding and emergency planning; create a coordinated neighborhood response team; and plan to address flooding and other emergencies, including how they involve the most vulnerable such as the elderly and disabled.

Greater Treme Consortium

Greater Treme Consortium, Inc.
New Orleans, LA

Funded to develop an environmental education, renewable energy, and cultural arts site, including cultural aspects of the Treme community. The artwork is a link to the community and opens doors to have conversations about green infrastructure, climate change, and how to address its effects.

Healthy Community Services
New Orleans, LA

Funded to establish an Urban Agricultural Green Infrastructure Site to address repetitive flooding with green infrastructure and increase access to healthy food choices by growing food locally.

Hollygrove Neighbors Association
New Orleans, LA

Little Growers, Inc.

Funded to continue installing and maintaining green infrastructure, convening community members, repurposing vacant lots, and spreading their message to build a more sustainable future.

Little Growers, Inc.
Palm Bay, FL

Funded to work in community gardens and help residents impacted by climate-related flooding participate in stormwater mitigation and green infrastructure projects.

Local Environmental Action Demanded Agency, Inc.
Vinita, OK

Funded to continue protecting human health and the environment by researching, educating, and engaging the public, tribal, legislative, and agency staff on flooding.

Lower 9th Ward Sustainable Engagement and DevelopmentLower 9th Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development
New Orleans, LA

Funded to continue building knowledge among key stakeholders, incorporating resident voice into master planning, leading multiple lines of defense tours of the Bayou Bienvenue Wetland Triangle, and conducting resident resiliency-training workshops for hurricane preparedness and wetland restoration.

Marin City People’s Plan
Sausalito, CA

Funded to address flooding and the impacts of climate driven extreme storm events by implementing Watershed Steward Training and the Watershed Steward Project. These programs will train community members to design and implement a model resiliency project to mitigate Marin City’s climate vulnerabilities via community-led, nature-based adaptation solutions.

Mirabeau Gardens Neighborhood Association
New Orleans, LA

Funded to reactivate this association after Hurricane Katrina by building leadership capacity, offering empowering and educational programming for residents, and maximizing participation at meetings and events.

Progressive Club of Johns IslandThe Progressive Club of Johns Island
Johns Island, SC

Funded to affect ongoing development practices, City ordinances, and decisions made at all levels of the development process through continued data collection, forming detailed conclusions, and presenting results in civic and political venues.

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