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Ecological Rights Foundation

Defending California’s Precious Waters from Pollution

As California enters another severe drought, we are once again being asked to be thoughtful and judicious about our water usage. Many California Watershed Protection Fund grantees are asking the question: If every drop counts, why are we polluting the water sources we do have?

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Friends of the Inyo

Fighting an Onslaught of Mining Threats

Notable treasures of the California desert and Sierra Foothills have come under threat this year from proposed new mining operations. Find out from Program Officer Aurora Heying about how Rose Foundation grantees are stepping up to save them.

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Marily Woodhouse takes water sample

Protecting Watersheds and Forests as if Her Life Depends on it Grantee Spotlight

“Every living creature’s existence is dependent on having a place that keeps them alive.”
Learn more about how Marily Woodhouse is fighting to protect the places that keep her community alive — local forests and watersheds in the foothills of Mount Lassen.

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2021 Anthony Grassroots Prize - Marily Woodhouse

Announcing the 2021 Anthony Grassroots Prize Winner – Marily Woodhouse!

Congratulations to Marily Woodhouse! Since launching Battle Creek Alliance nearly 15 years ago, Marily has been a staunch defender of our forests and watersheds. Learn more about Marily’s work as an outstanding environmental advocate!

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Celebrating Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day Grantee Spotlight

Earth Day is just around the corner! This year’s Earth Day theme, Restore Our Earth, reflects how urgent it is for us to take bold climate and environmental action. Find out how our grantees are celebrating this month, get inspired, and get active! Let’s restore our Earth and protect our communities together!

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LA Riverkeeper

Creating a Resilient River Through Ecology & Community LA Waterkeeper Releases Report on River Assessment Field Team (RAFT)!

Check out LA Waterkeeper’s recent report on their River Assessment Field Team (RAFT) program after two years of gathering community science and find out how to take action for healthy watersheds!

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AGUA - La Asociación de Gente Unida por el Agua

Grassroots Fund Grantees Pull Their Own Chairs Up to the Table Grantee Spotlight

In the last 18 years, our California Environmental Grassroots Fund (Grassroots Fund) has awarded over 1,000 grants totaling more than…

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Net Pen Collapse

Announcing Our First Orca Fund Grant Awards

In 2017, Puget Sound’s Cypress Island experienced a catastrophic spill — not of oil, but of invasive fish. Find out how legal action to hold the company responsible for this disaster accountable has led to the launch of our new Orca Fund!

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People's Kitchen Collective

Black-Led Grantees Driving Forward Just and Resilient Communities Grantee Spotlight

Our movement’s progress would not be possible without the leadership of Black activists, who bring attention to the deep connections between the environmental devastation in their communities, racism, and economic injustice. Continue reading to get to know just a few of our Black-led grantees!

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5 Ways Our Grassroots Movement is Restoring & Protecting Land

5 Ways Our Grassroots Movement Is Restoring and Protecting Land Grantee Spotlight

The land around us supports entire ecosystems on which we depend, which is why the way we manage and use that land is so intricately linked to the health and well being of our communities, In this Grantee Spotlight, find out five ways our grantees are protecting and conserving land for our communities and the environment!

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