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Reclaiming the Sierra 2019: Headwater Mercury Source Reduction
California Watershed Protection Fund, 2019
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The Sierra Fund has invested real time and effort to create a complex and comprehensive, multi-pronged, multi-stakeholder strategy to address mercury contamination that now flows unfettered from the Sierra to the Sea.
Our Technical Advisory Committee has met over the last many years in various forms around our targets. Our “exposure” target is predominately led by public health experts at CalEPA (including folks from the Office of Environmental Health Hazards Assessment and the Department of Toxic Substances) and the CA Department Public Health; our “reservoir” target TAC is dominated by State and Regional Water Board staff, local water agency staff, water quality engineers and mining folks; our “hydraulic mine” target by environmental scientists and land managers such as CA State Parks; while our “mine-scarred forest lands” target has more participation from USFS and the EPA and forest ecologists.
This conference brings all of these four areas of expertise into one room for one long facilitated conversation on “how to get it done” – building support from agency and industry, non-profit and science thought leaders – to find the political will and funding to actually implement the strategy.
Following the conference, we will be able to reach out to the agencies and leaders that have agreed to this approach to gain their official support including the development of:
– Budget initiatives to direct implementation of the projects in the plan
– Policy development to ensure best management practices and protocols are adopted for any projects going forward
– Collaborative project implementation with transparent information sharing on what is learned
– Ongoing improvement of our Headwater Mercury Source Reduction Strategy, which we see as a living document that will help to direct and evaluate concrete action to reduce mercury discharge from legacy mines to the Sea.