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Santa Cruz Community Ventures
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Familias con Más
Consumer Financial Education Fund, 2019
Project Description:

Familias Con Más will serve low- to moderate-income families and youth in the Monterey Bay region with the goal of decreasing the use of predatory lenders and increasing financial literacy around fair banking practices, savings, budgeting, credit, debt, and overdraft fees. Familias con Más builds on Mamas con Más, a 2018 qualitative study conducted by Santa Cruz Community Ventures and UC Santa Cruz to map predatory lenders and gain insight into the banking barriers of Latina moms living in affordable housing. Familias con Más will focus on two areas of work: 1) Educating and building skills around fair banking practices, savings, budgeting, credit, debt, overdraft fees, and predatory lenders through workshops and community outreach and 2) Conducting an advocacy campaign in the City of Watsonville to address the prevalence of predatory lenders, currently present at twice the rate of those found in the nearby city of Santa Cruz.