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SR3 Sealife Response, Rehab and Research
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Sharing the Plight of Marine Wildlife to Inspire, Inform and Ignite Solutions to Water Pollution
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2019
Project Description:

Funding will support broad outreach to inspire water protection efforts in thousands of Puget Sound residents – from Bellingham and the San Juan Islands throughout the entire Sound all the way down to Olympia. Through a vocal, accessible presence at 70 community events during 2019, SR3 will channel people’s passion for marine wildlife into education and action that benefits the water quality of Puget Sound. By harnessing the new 50 community connections these efforts will bring, and recruiting existing volunteers, SR3 will also organize two beach clean-up events, mobilizing 150 volunteers to pick up trash from the shoreline of the Sound. Both efforts will focus on the central Puget Sound – with at least one event in Elliott Bay – and will prevent at least 280 pounds of garbage from ending up in local waterways. Grant funds will be used to support program staffing, vendor fees for attendance at community festivals, interactive educational tools and activities for children, and the printing of materials focused on marine health issues and water pollution prevention. Some educational materials will be available in both Spanish and English. Four college interns will also assist with outreach, in addition to community volunteers. The overall goal of the program is to engaging people in understanding how everyday actions are connected to the health of their marine environment as well as their own; bringing about even small changes in individual behaviors, when multiplied across thousands of people in dozens of communities, adds up to a big impact on water quality in the Puget Sound.