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Californians for Pesticide Reform
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Pesticides and Water Quality in Sonoma County
California Watershed Protection Fund, 2019
Toxics/Environmental Health and Justice
North Coast
Sonoma County
Project Description:

Pesticides are a major threat to ground and surface water quality in agricultural regions, particularly in the wine growing regions throughout Sonoma County. In 2018, an ambient water quality study found increased levels of pesticides and herbicides toxic to aquatic organisms in numerous locations. These findings have fueled concern over the ongoing environmental impacts created by contaminated run-off from both urban and agricultural sources. Californians for Pesticide Reform will use the grant to hire an organizer and coordinate the many engaged stakeholders within a new coalition that addresses pesticide threats. The project will focus on building a grassroots community effort to have growers, elected officials, and land managers become aware of the negative watershed-wide impacts associated with continuous pesticide use. The long term goal of this community building and advocacy work is to put the region on a path to sustainability by reducing the use of the most hazardous pesticides and supporting safe replacements. Californians for Pesticide Reform hopes to produce direct watershed benefits by decreasing the toxicity of both surface and groundwater. This, in turn, will provide ecosystem benefits up the food chain by creating healthier waterways that can better support life of all kinds.