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Coastal Watershed Council
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San Lorenzo River Health Project
California Watershed Protection Fund, 2019
Water Resources/Watershed Protection
Central Coast
Santa Cruz County
Project Description:

The San Lorenzo River flows 29 miles from the Santa Cruz Mountains, through the City of Santa Cruz, and into Monterey Bay. It is the primary source of drinking water for 100,000 people and home to several fish, bird, and wildlife species of special concern. However, the river is considered one of California’s impaired water bodies due to high levels of pathogens, nutrients, and sediments. The San Lorenzo River Health Project will address bacterial pollution and urban runoff entering the river as well as facilitate community engagement. The Coastal Watershed Council (CWC) will use a data-driven approach to engage the communities with the greatest connectivity to the lower river and implement strategic best management practices that benefit water quality. The grant will continue to support CWC staff in training community leaders and providing materials on neighborhood improvement projects to benefit the low-income riverside neighborhoods adjacent to the river. CWC will build upon the community momentum garnered by the installation of storm drain murals and stormwater gardens made possibly by previous Rose Foundation funding. CWC will facilitate additional community-driven projects including neighborhood cleanup events, enhancement of stormwater gardens, and the installation of additional beautification practices that reduce non-point source pollution and benefit water quality. The grant will be used to purchase materials to complete the neighborhood projects, promote these accomplishments to residents throughout the City of Santa Cruz, and coordinate with city officials to implement permitting for these neighborhood projects as needed.