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Watts Urban Tree Canopy & Parkway Rain Gardens
California Watershed Protection Fund, 2019
Toxics/Environmental Health and Justice
Southern Coast
Los Angeles County
Project Description:

The Watts Urban Tree Canopy and Parkway Rain Gardens is a multi-benefit project that involves planting 600 native plants and 50 native trees along 103rd Street in Watts, California. The proposed project will not only increase the tree canopy, but it will also create 2800 square feet of pervious surface to capture storm water through parkway raingardens. This project will facilitate an interconnected network of greenspaces and public parkways in disadvantaged communities and serve as an example that can be replicated elsewhere. As part of this project, FLTS will continue their successful program of engaging with local high school students and educating them about the importance of urban tree canopies, particularly in park-poor communities. The students will assist in community workshops that demonstrate how to care for the trees once planted. Given the trees are on the same street as their school, this will allow for ongoing participation by the students. FLTS will use the part of the grant for actual construction costs associated with the tree planting and rain gardens. The funding will also be used for advocacy in support of disadvantaged communities throughout the region. To date, the City of Los Angeles has mostly installed parkway raingardens in in more affluent communities. FLTS staff will urge the City to begin installing raingardens and parkways is less advantaged communities that likewise deserved the numerous benefits associated with these projects.