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Los Cerritos Wetlands Land Trust
Amount Awarded:
Project Title:
Los Cerritos Wetlands Water Quality Monitoring Program
California Watershed Protection Fund, 2019
Water Resources/Watershed Protection
Southern Coast
Los Angeles County ; Orange County
Project Description:

The estuary of the San Gabriel River and Los Cerritos Wetlands provides habitat for hundreds of plants and animal species, including the federally threatened Pacific green sea turtle. Sea turtles have been studied for many years in the River, and it has been determined that the turtles are most active at the outfall of Zedler Marsh. With previous funding from the Rose Foundation in 2018, the Los Cerritos Wetlands Land Trust established the first water quality monitoring program at Zedler Marsh. This project yielded critical information about the current health of San Gabriel River’s estuarine ecosystem, demonstrated the establishment of cordgrass populations can improve ecosystem health, and provided a glimpse of what large-scale restoration of Los Cerritos Wetlands could do for overall habitat and water quality. The proposed project is an expansion of those efforts. LCWLT will enhance their previous findings by gathering data from additional sampling locations and measuring two additional parameters. The information collected will be used to develop a management plan for the Los Cerritos Wetlands Complex. It will also help with conservation efforts for endangered and threatened species found in the area including the Belding’s savannah sparrow, California least tern, and Pacific green sea turtle. LCWLT will evaluate their monitoring program using pre- and post-surveys. Ultimately, it is hoped that the project will succeed in generating water quality improvements resulting from cordgrass installation.