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California League of Conservation Voters Education Fund
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Project Title:
Protect our Desert: Prevent Water Pumping from the Mojave Aquifer
California Wildlands Rapid Response Fund, 2019
CLCVEF works on a statewide level. The work funded by this grant would focus on, but not be limited to, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino, Orange, and San Diego Counties.
Project Description:

To pass California Senate Bill 307, which is the best chance to stop the Cadiz water project. The Cadiz project would pump more than 16 billion gallons of water per year from beneath the Mojave Desert, threatening fragile flora and fauna in one of the most unique protected National Monuments, in order to sell the water for profit to wealthier Southern California districts. CLCVEF will use a combination of direct lobbying efforts in-person in Sacramento and in-district, as well as digital outreach to trigger constituent actions and patch-through calls from constituents to their representatives. Engaging their inside knowledge of key legislators in Sacramento, CLCVEF will identify the 4-5 Senators who will provide the most strategic leverage to ensure passage of SB 307. Employing the tactics described above, CLCVEF will engage with these targets to build the support needed to move them to positions of strong support and to pass this critical legislation.