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Tri-Cities Pollution Prevention Program
Columbia River Fund, 2019
Project Description:

Futurewise and Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group (MCF) will promote policies and conduct targeted outreach that will help control urban stormwater runoff that impacts local water quantity and quality and prevent pollution from reaching the Columbia River. This will be accomplished through a multi-pronged approach including recommending low-impact development stormwater management policies and public education to encourage the protection of existing riparian buffer and garnering support for the development of additional shoreline plantings. Land adjacent to rivers and streams are considered riparian. Riparian buffers prevent erosion, slow and capture stormwater, and create habitat beneficial to salmon and other native species. Futurewise has a proven history of positively influencing urban growth in the Tri-Cities area through established local government processes and policy updates. In addition to continuing to work on local land use policy, Futurewise will team with MCF on targeted outreach and education to homeowners with shoreline properties with potential for either riparian protection or enhancement. We will target those homeowners for education via the printing and distribution of educational backyard buffer brochures, and hosting tours of demonstration sites and Neighborhood Block Parties to demonstrate the importance of shoreline vegetation for stormwater management, habitat improvement and climate change resiliency. Futurewise and MCF are regionally well positioned to implement this project with documented project success. Our organizations see this joint endeavor as an opportunity to collaborate to leverage expertise in community outreach and environmental restoration for the betterment of water quality in the Columbia River.