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Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood
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Safe, Secure & Smart: A Parent’s Guide to Preschool Tech
Consumer Products Fund, 2019
Project Description:

CCFC is requesting $50,000 for a series of educational resources designed to help parents of preschoolers sort through the huge volume of media and technology targeted at young children. Safe, Secure & Smart: A Parent’s Guide to Preschool Tech, will be a three-part, interactive resource guide grounded in child development and designed to help parents see beyond marketing claims that a particular product is “educational” or “protects kids’ privacy.” The guide will focus on three of the most popular tech products and platforms for young children: YouTube and YouTube Kids, voice-activated assistants, and preschool apps. Though each part of the guide will focus on a particular product, the guide as a whole will provide parents and professionals with a framework to make informed choices about how to use tech with their children. The guide will be free, available online, and created in partnership with experts in child development, media, and privacy.