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Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc.
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Coeymans Creek Project
Environmental Health and Toxics Fund, 2019
Coeymans Creek is a tributary of the Hudson River in Albany County, New York. In 2006, developer Carver Laraway opened the Port of Coeymans and in 2012 founded the Coeymans Industrial Park. Since then, Clearwater has been monitoring the Port of Coeymans and Coeymans Industrial Park and is increasingly concerned about both as being the source of water pollution. Among Clearwater’s concerns is the fact that both sites appear to have taken very limited steps to protect against polluted stormwater being discharged into Coeymans Creek and the Hudson River. The grant will support an investigation carried out by a research scientist at Cornell University, supported by a research technician, legal intern, and Clearwater staff. Project activities will include: mapping of storm-water outfalls; sampling of outfalls for industrial pollution; and a survey of benthic invertebrates, the results of which will be assembled into a published report for the community, and shared with local Hudson river organizations including the Hudson River Watershed Alliance, the Hudson River Environmental Society, and the Hudson River Foundation. The overall goal is that the information can guide future actions and recommendations to the appropriate oversight agencies and municipal officials, which may include requests to make further zoning changes or enforce restrictions on development within the watershed area.
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