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Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition/TAG
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Duwamish Valley Community Stewardship Project
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2019
Project Description:

As a result of community prioritization and requests for support, in late 2016 the Community Stewards program was begun. This program depends heavily on the train-the-trainer model, in which DRCC/TAG employs two “Master Stewards” who work with 3-7 “community stewards” to plan stewardship events and stewardship presentations/lessons. The stewards maintain specific areas of the community (planted pots in the business district of South Park and traffic circles in Georgetown, for example) on a regular basis, for the environmental benefits and for the aesthetic results, badly needed in this post-industrial community. The stewards also facilitate periodic cleanups and/or trash pickups, in green spaces that, without maintenance, quickly become overgrown and are no longer useful to the community and become degraded environmentally. Our Stewardship program supports other public spaces, including our local school and parks, to remove invasive plants and educate community members on the importance of removing non-native plants as well as keeping gutters and sidewalks cleared of litter to prevent contamination of the Duwamish River. Finally, our stewards work closely with our Duwamish Valley Youth Corps to provide mentorship and guidance for stewardship efforts.