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Environmental Coalition of South Seattle
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Green Stormwater Infrastructure Industrial Demonstration Site at Equinox Studios
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2019
Project Description:

The Green-Duwamish Watershed is contaminated with toxic chemicals from many sources, including wastewater, industrial practices, and stormwater runoff. Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) has emerged as a practical solution to reduce both water volume and contaminants from industrial sites that flow into stormwater drains then into the Duwamish River. Many local manufacturing and industrial businesses produce significant zinc and heavy metal runoff from their roofs and downspouts, yet GSI educational materials and outreach in this area is currently limited. In areas not connected to the sewer system, GSI solutions help decrease water volume during heavy rainfall and help prevent additional pollution from entering the Duwamish. Implementing GSI solutions are a practical and sustainable way for business owners to address flooding and contamination issues. Funds from this grant will allow ECOSS to partner with Equinox Studios to coordinate and implement GSI solutions on their property. Located only two blocks from the Duwamish, Equinox is a large industrial business in the heart of Georgetown. The impact of this project is dual-pronged: First, by implementing GSI strategies at Equinox, the project will help control runoff volume into the sewer system and prevent polluted stormwater runoff from entering the Duwamish basin. In alignment with efforts to address pollution at the Superfund site and decrease the volume of surface water, this project will have a positive effect on the health of the local community, fish, shellfish, and salmon, and Green-Duwamish ecosystem. Second, the GSI solutions installed at Equinox will become a permanent industrial demonstration site open to the public, which will create new opportunities to educate industrial business owners about the benefits of GSI. Critically, this project will help ECOSS to address the current gap in education and services to the industrial sector in South Seattle.