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Green River Coalition
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Soos Creek Watershed Restoration
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2019
Project Description:

Grant funding will support Green River Coalition’s ongoing restoration projects and conservation community building work in the Soos Creek basin, a tributary to the Green/Duwamish watershed. Green River Coalition has been working in the Soos basin for a number of years to help King County secure lands for natural habitat, and has several active habitat restoration projects in close coordination with King County in and immediately adjacent to Soos Creek, several of which have been supported by past Rose Foundation funding. The new grant will leverage a Regreen 2018 grant from King County, allowing Green River Coalition to expand the related restoration acreage in the Soos Creek basin. In addition to the direct riparian restoration, some of the grant funds will support Green River Coalition’s part-time operations manager who oversees their ongoing projects, and works on securing new grants to further leverage funding towards Green River Coalition’s overall vision of improving the condition of the Green/Duwamish River watershed, and increasing the overall