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Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group
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Green Duwamish Student Stewards
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2019
Project Description:

The Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group will partner with Sustainability Ambassadors’ already successful problem-based environmental education program in the Green Duwamish River watershed to add a new stewardship element. The project will connect school teachers and students in the program from at least 3 schools directly with priority riparian salmon habitat restoration sites near their schools on the Green River or on important salmon tributaries to the Green. 20 – 30 students will be involved at each of the three schools. The objectives are to: a) engage local youth in water quality and salmon habitat projects in their communities to both serve as a science and math learning opportunity; b) develop engaged communities committed to salmon habitat stewardship; and c) make a meaningful contribution to restoring native trees and shrubs to improve water quality and salmon habitat in the Green Duwamish watershed. Instead of the more typical approach of bringing students out for one day of planting trees along the river, each class will adopt a restoration site over the course of the entire school year and engage fully in the restoration planning and implementation process. With support from Mid Sound staff and Green River Coalition interns from the Green River College, students will learn how to assess their site, how to choose native trees and shrubs that are most likely to succeed at the site, how to put together their planting plan, plant the plants at their site, and then do post planting monitoring and maintenance to ensure their plants survive and thrive. The outcome will be at least three important riparian areas in the Green River watershed will be restored, over 500 native trees and shrubs will be planted in the riparian zone, water quality and habitat will be improved, and the community will be educated and engaged in active stewardship of these areas.