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Foothill Conservancy
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Project Title:
Mokelumne River and Watershed Protection Program
California Watershed Protection Fund, 2020
Water Resources / Watershed Protection ; Habitat / Wilderness / Preservation
Sierra Nevada
Amador County
Project Description:

Foothill Conservancy’s Mokelumne River and Watershed Protection Program seeks long-term solutions for protecting the watershed’s valuable natural attributes, including clean water and habitat relied on by people, fish, and wildlife. The program has four broad goals:

1) Ensure that local and interregional water and use planning decisions do not harm the Mokelumne River and watershed and protect water quality.

2) Ensure continued protection of the Mokelumne River’s extraordinary cultural, historical, recreational, and scenic values. Human and natural stressors continue to affect the Mokelumne River watershed, exacerbated by climate change and the threat of larger more severe fires.

3) Protect and restore wildlife habitat within the Mokelumne watershed through a combination of actions, including ecologically sound forest restoration, proper management of existing hydroelectric projects, and native anadromous fish reintroduction to the upper Mokelumne River.

4) Develop a larger, younger, and more diverse cadre of advocates for our rivers, watersheds, lands, and communities.