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Los Cerritos Wetlands Land Trust
Amount Awarded:
Project Title:
Los Cerritos Wetlands Water Quality Monitoring Program
California Watershed Protection Fund, 2020
Water Resources / Watershed Protection ; Environmental Education ; Habitat / Wilderness / Preservation ; Climate Change and Energy ; Land Management / Urban Sprawl / Open Space
Southern Coast
Los Angeles County ; Orange County
Project Description:

Zedler Marsh is a remnant tidal salt marsh within the Los Cerritos Wetlands (LCW) at the mouth of the San Gabriel River (SGR), and is one of two locations where the River supports tidal wetlands. Plantings of Pacific cordgrass were performed in 2012 and 2018 and have been key in trapping nutrients, pollutants, and sediments from the watershed. A water quality monitoring program began in 2018 to measure this plant’s impacts on water quality in the SGR as well as Zedler Marsh and the program has been collecting data ever since. We propose to expand the water quality monitoring program to include 5 already existing sampling locations in Zedler Marsh and the San Gabriel River, and incorporate 5 new sampling locations throughout the Haynes Cooling Channel and Hellman Ranch Lowlands. Data collected as part of this program will assist in broadening the Land Trust’s advocacy, outreach, and education efforts. Final reporting documents will be shared with a variety of stakeholders including: Aquarium of the Pacific’s Citizen Science Sea Turtle Monitoring Program, NOAA, California State University, Long Beach researchers, local Lifeguard Associations, Marine Safety Departments, and SGR watershed health agencies and nonprofit partners in Upper and Lower SGR working groups. Results will also be shared with local citizens attending Los Cerritos Wetlands Stewardship Program events and through social media posts. This monitoring program will allow local agencies and landowners to make informed design and planning decisions based on multiple years of water quality data ultimately leading to scientifically rigorous large-scale restoration programs.