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Project Grow
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Project Title:
Riparian Restoration Team
California Watershed Protection Fund, 2020
Water Resources / Watershed Protection ; Environmental Education ; Habitat / Wilderness / Preservation
Southern Coast
Orange County
Project Description:

One acre of riparian habitat will be restored at the Newport Valley site in Upper Newport Bay through a project involving high school students, mentored by college students. A minimum of 10 college student interns from diverse backgrounds, will be recruited and trained as “Environmental Leaders.” The college student leaders will mentor and engage three classes of students from Title 1 high schools (approximately 30 students per class). Each class will participate in six habitat restoration field trips during the 2020-2021 school year, for a total of 18 restoration field visits. Environmental Leaders will learn ecological restoration techniques, environmental education methods, and volunteer and event management. The high school students will learn about the ecology of the area, restoration techniques, and will observe changes in the habitat over the course of the year as the restoration progresses. The high school student’s teachers will receive orientation materials as well as lesson plans from habitat restoration curricula such as Our Wetlands, Our World and other sources to extend learning into the classroom.