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Beyond Pesticides
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Community Pesticides and Alternatives Information and Advocacy Program
Consumer Products Fund, 2020
Consumer Products
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Beyond Pesticides takes a holistic approach to advancing sustainable, regenerative, organic practices, products, and policies to solve the pesticide poisoning and contamination problem. This framework provides the foundation for ending pesticide dependency in all aspects of use, agricultural and nonagricultural, while protecting a cross section of people, including those facing disproportionate risk, and the environment on which life depends. Because of their hazards to human health, adverse impact to air, land, and water, and ecosystems, as well as their contribution to biodiversity decline and the global climate crisis, we urgently advance both organic practices and markets. We will work with communities to prevent, rather than simply reduce, toxic chemical use and recognize the power and importance of biological systems and ecosystem services, and the need to challenge misinformation that diverts us from the problem and solution.