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Clean Label Project
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Asbestos in America’s Best-selling Cosmetics & Consumer Products
Consumer Products Fund, 2020
Consumer Products
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Johnson’s & Johnson’s has been under significant media, regulatory, and public health scrutiny over asbestos being found in its baby powder (talcum powder) with links to uterine and ovarian cancer. Still the FDA does not limit asbestos levels in cosmetic talc, and the industry monitors itself. While the baby powder industry is under increased scrutiny, baby powder is used in a myriad of cosmetic products ranging from body and shower products, feminine hygiene products, and cosmetics. Talcum powder contamination is a women’s reproductive health issue and environmental justice issue. If talc suppliers (testing positive for asbestos) can no longer sell to major brands, that supply is selling somewhere. Clean Label Project will investigate the presence of asbestos in cosmetic and personal care products. We will target two types of products 1cosmetics and personal care products targeting young girls, 2cosmetics and personal care products marketed as natural, sustainable, better-for-you, etc