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Columbia Riverkeeper
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Stopping Toxic Pollution Project
Consumer Products Fund, 2020
Consumer Products
Project Description:

The project will protect food webs and human health by reducing the amount of toxic pollution from consumer products and industrial sources in the Columbia River. We will implement two connected strategies: 1) stop the discharge of illegal toxic pollution by enforcing the Clean Water Act, and 2) fight efforts by the Trump administration to weaken the State of Washington’s limits for toxic pollution.

The project will achieve the following outcomes:

1: Eliminate 50,000 pounds of toxic pollution discharges;
2: Polluters pay at least $150,000 in penalties to non-profit organizations;
3: Create a culture of compliance with the Clean Water Act because dischargers know we are watching;
4: Push innovative methods to reduce pollution; and
5: Ensure thousands of pounds of toxic pollution do not enter Washington waters every year because we prevail in court to stop the Trump administration’s politically-motivated rollback of Washington’s toxic pollution limits.