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Organic Consumers Association
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End Industrial Salmon Farms
Consumer Products Fund, 2020
Consumer Products
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OCA will use funding from Rose Foundation to expand consumer education, advocacy, and litigation exposing the human and environmental health harms caused by industrial factory farming. Building on past success investigating and litigating against factory farm products in the dairy and poultry sectors, OCA will launch an industrial fish farm campaign, by targeting Ducktrap smoked salmon. We’ve chosen this brand because: 1. the word “natural” appears on the packaging; 2. the product is a national brand, sold in major retail chains like Whole Foods; and 3. because by naming the product after a Maine river, the company misleads consumers into thinking the salmon sourced by Ducktrap comes from Maine, when in fact a significant portion comes from Chile where the use of antibiotics in industrial salmon farms is widespread. We expect our investigations into Ducktrap will lead to additional campaigns targeting smoked salmon brands, and future campaigns targeting fresh/frozen farmed salmon.