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Snake River Waterkeeper, Inc.
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2020 Water Quality Program – Protecting Youth from Toxic Waterways
Consumer Products Fund, 2020
Consumer Products
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Snake River Waterkeeper (SRW) is dedicated to improving water quality – to protect youth from exposure to degraded waterways, safeguard drinking water, and restore native fish populations across the Snake River Basin. SRW’s mission is “applying science and law to protect, restore, and sustain waters of the Snake River Basin”. The lynchpin of our water quality monitoring program is an advocacy campaign taking illegal polluters to court. We also organize volunteer river cleanups and host an online SWIM Guide and smartphone app alerting the public to sites that are unsafe to swim. By educating citizens, inspiring and engaging stakeholders, and mobilizing grassroots communities, SRW leads highly effective campaigns that decrease toxic pollution and improve recreational safety. Our 2020-21 Water Quality Program contains multiple project components directly aimed at decreasing toxic effluent pollution, increasing citizen awareness of dangerous areas, and protecting youth from toxic exposure.