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Green River Coalition
Amount Awarded:
Project Title:
Soos Creek Basin Community Building, City of Kent/Green River Collaboration, and Operations Support
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2020
Water Resources/Watershed Protection ; Environmental Education ; Habitat/Wilderness/Preservation ; Climate Change & Energy
Central Sound; Master Map.jpg ; Continue work within the Soos Creek Basin (Middle Green River)
Additional sites within the main stem Green River in Kent including Riverview Park (Lower Green River)
Additional tributaries: Mill/Springbrook Creek (Lower Green River)
Project Description:

Grant project funding will support our new and ongoing projects including our CWM ReGreen 2018 grant based on restoration work within the Soos Creek Basin and our CWM ReGreen the Green 2019 grant based on restoration work within the lower Green River, Tukwila. We are also in the process of applying for the ReGreen 2020 grant, which will continue our restoration efforts within the Soos Creek Basin while expanding work in the City of Kent on the main stem Green River and on the Mill Creek/Springbrook Creek tributaries.
We will be closely coordinating the work we do in Kent with our Green the Green Network partners across three existing grants to continue and expand our coordination and mutual support on the Green River from Tukwila to Auburn. We anticipate starting invasive removal work with the City of Kent in the Mill/Springbrook basin later this summer. The Rose Foundation grant will help support the initial phase of this work until the anticipated Regreen 2020 grant, anticipated to be awarded in fall 2020.
This project will also help to support employment for our part-time operations manager, who performs many of the oversight responsibilities including grant management, community outreach, and fundraising. The retainment of an operations manager has been a pivotal asset in increasing the overall capacity of our organization.