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Puget Soundkeeper Alliance
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Project Title:
South Sound Healthy Watersheds Project
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2020
Water Resources/Watershed Protection ; Environmental Education
South Sound; WRIA13 Map.jpg ; Our project covers WRIA 13, which includes the Budd/Deschutes, east Eld and Henderson Inlet watersheds. Future expansion is envisioned to WRIA 14.
Project Description:

Puget Soundkeeper will provide program development support to the Deschutes Estuary Restoration Team (DERT) in Pollution Monitoring and Prevention in the South Puget Sound. The DERT mission is to restore and protect the Deschutes River and Budd Inlet watershed (DERT advocates for the removal of Olympia’s 5th Avenue Dam and the full restoration of the Deschutes Estuary). Since 2011, they have worked to educate the South Sound community on the benefits of estuary restoration and advocate for funding and necessary studies. They envision a restored urban estuary and functioning ecosystem in the headwaters of Puget Sound. Puget Soundkeeper will provide training, resources and logistical support to DERT to expand their capacity and assist them in becoming a Waterkeeper affiliate working in partnership with Soundkeeper and other waterkeepers and organizations in the region focused on the goal of restoring and protecting the waters of Puget Sound as a whole. DERT’s work will cover WRIA 13, which includes the Budd/Deschutes, east Eld and Henderson Inlet watersheds, with the intention of future expansion into WRIA 14, which includes Oakland Bay, Totten Inlet in the South Sound and southern portions of Hood Canal.