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The Common Acre
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Project Title:
The Green Line Green Infrastructure Youth Crew
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2020
Water Resources/Watershed Protection ; Environmental Health & Justice ; Environmental Education ; Habitat/Wilderness/Preservation
Central Sound; Map – ProjectLocationandWetlands.pdf ; Duwamish estuary sub-watershed; our planting site impacts the headwaters of the Duwamish River, Taylor Creek West Fork, and Lake Washington. The specific address of the site is: 10617 53rd Ave S, Seattle WA, 98178.
Project Description:

The Green Line is one of The Common Acre’s keystone projects: a 2 acre pollinator conservation project along the Creston-Duwamish transmission corridor of Seattle City Light, developed and managed by The Common Acre and our partners since 2015. This demonstration site that models how communities may repurpose inactive public space to enhance pollinator habitat, food resilience, human health, and water quality. In 2020, The Common Acre will partner with DIRT Corps to conduct a project aimed at: engaging diverse local youth with our site, helping to prevent ongoing watershed pollution, and improving the health of native habitats along our site, including riparian restoration zones.

Specifically, we will:

1) Engage up to 20 youth ages 13-22, in a 6-week program that offers 33 hours of curriculum focused on: stormwater and wastewater; BMPs of ecological restoration work; native and invasive plant ID and management; site assessment skills; visiting DIRT Corps’ nursery at King County’s South Treatment Plant; volunteer management and leadership skills. Youth will likely be recruited from Rainier Beach Action Coalition’s Youth Fellowship program, and will receive these opportunities in green infrastructure and ecological restoration guided by professional mentors and community leaders.

2) Work with an Indigenous landscape designer and DIRT Corps member to design and implement a site-expansion on up to 2 acres, focused on improving native habitat and increasing stormwater infiltration on the project site by installing up to 2,000 native shrubs and forbs, amending compacted urban soils, and removal of invasive species including Reed Canary Grass and Himalayan Blackberry.

3) Conduct 4 public work parties, co-managed by The Common Acre and DIRT Corps staff, and supported by our project Community Liaison, and Field Director. At these free public events, community members will play a hands-on role in site restoration and learn about issues impacting water quality.