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Cascade Forest Conservancy
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Mount St. Helens No Mine Campaign
Columbia River Fund, 2020
Water Resources / Watershed Protection ; Environmental Justice ; Environmental Health and Toxics ; Habitat / Wilderness / Preservation
Columbia River
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The Green River valley is a local treasure in the Washington Cascades, but it is under the shadow of a dangerous industrial mining proposal. In fact, two years ago American Rivers put the Green River on its list of top ten Most Endangered Rivers, due to the threat of mining. This valley, just a few miles from the Mount St. Helens crater, is a recreational paradise for hikers, bikers, flyfishers, and horseback riders. On this 40th anniversary of Mount St. Helens’ eruption, we are asking the Rose Foundation to support our grassroots campaign to protect 11,000 acres of this important and beautiful river valley.

An open-pit mine with toxic tailings ponds in this seismically active area would pose a tremendous risk to wildlife, human health, and recreation. Protecting this valley is crucial, and not just for us here in the Northwest – these lands were purchased under the Land and Water Conservation Act, and building a mine here would set a terrible precedent for millions of acres around the country that were purchased under this important piece of legislation.

Under a grant from the Rose Foundation, the Cascade Forest Conservancy will lead a grassroots campaign with two primary objectives: preventing any mining activities within the Green River valley by overturning exploratory drilling permits, and creating long-term protections for this special place through a mineral withdrawal. The latter will involve educating the public and lawmakers — lobbying constitues a very small portion of our activities and will NOT be funded through funds from Rose Foundation.