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Strawberry Fields Buffer Enhancement
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2020
Water Resources/Watershed Protection
Central Sound; ; This site encompasses 2,826 feet of the Middle Fork Quilceda Creek as well as 1,384 feel of an unnamed tributary in the Quilceda Creek watershed.
Project Description:

Strawberry Fields Park is a 72-acre park owned by the City of Marysville. This park contains 2,622 feet of the main stem of the Middlefork Quilceda Creek, including one unnamed tributary. The Middlefork Quilceda violates state water quality standards for both bacteria, and dissolved oxygen levels. The poor water quality is attributed to multiple factors. These factors include the loss of riparian habitat and lower base flows, as well as improper manure management, septic failure, and pet waste. The overall goals of this project are to improve water quality in Quilceda Creek through the restoration of 14.6 acres of riparian forest. The 35,196.24 being requested will be used to fund the planting and maintenance activities required to do so. One of the major barriers to successful riparian plantings is supporting the new plantings while they become established. This funding will support AASF’s efforts to control invasive species such as reed canary grass, Himalayan blackberry, Japanese knotweed, and bittersweet nightshade; all which are established throughout the site. These invasive plants threaten both the survival of the installed native flora and could easily spread into additional sites downstream. This funding will also support hosting volunteer events to place plant-protectors onto installed native plants. Such protectors have been demonstrated to significantly improve protection from herbivory, which is commonly observed at this site.