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Point Blue Conservation Science
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Sierra Meadow Restoration Partnership with the Northern Maidu Tribe
California Watershed Protection Fund, 2021
Water Resources / Watershed Protection ; Environmental Health & Justice ; Environmental Education ; Habitat / Wilderness / Preservation ; Climate Change and Energy
Sierra Nevada
Plumas County
Project Description:

Point Blue Conservation Science will collaborate with the Maidu Summit Consortium (MSC) to incorporate traditional ecological knowledge and indigenous history and language into our community-based K-12 Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed (STRAW) Program and restore a meadow in the Feather River watershed. We have an established partnership with the MSC, representing multiple Maidu bands, and STRAW partnerships with public schools in the Upper Feather River Watershed.

Tasman Koyom (also known as Humbug Valley) is a large meadow complex with outstanding ecological attributes, including breeding habitat for species such as the greater sandhill crane and endangered willow flycatcher, stream habitat for trout, and fawning grounds for the migratory deer herd. Previously, more than a century of poor management degraded the meadow, resulting in water quality impacts to the North Fork Feather River; reduction in groundwater recharge; loss of habitat for fish, wildlife, and culturally important plants; and decreased carbon storage.

Tasman Koyom is culturally significant to the Maidu people. The MSC re-acquired this ancestral land from PG&E in 2019, creating an opportunity to restore repatriated sacred land. The MSC initiated meadow restoration in 2020, adopting a process-based approach—building structures that mimic beaver dams to restore hydrologic function in the meadow to improve water quality and timing, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity while also increasing the abundance of culturally important plants. We propose to begin work with the MSC in 2021 to build these structures and complete revegetation of restored areas.

We will restore 50 acres of wet meadow and streams in Tasman Koyom in a collaboration including students, families, teachers, the Maidu people, and restoration practitioners. Maidu partners will co-create restoration curriculum and participate in lessons to increase youth’s understanding of indigenous culture and land management practices.