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The Watershed Project
Amount Awarded:
Project Title:
Monitoring Creek Health and Bioswales and Increasing Partnerships in Contra Costa County
California Watershed Protection Fund, 2021
Water Resources / Watershed Protection ; Environmental Health & Justice
San Francisco Bay Area
Contra Costa County
Project Description:

The Watershed Project (TWP) seeks funding for our overall monthly water quality monitoring work in Contra Costa County (CCC) creeks. We carry out our own monitoring at numerous creeks and bioswales throughout west CCC; provide training, support, and quality control for local groups planning to do their own monitoring; and lend equipment and staff expertise in the field.

The key piece of this project will be re-engaging our volunteer network as we begin working with them again in a post-pandemic world. All of our nonprofit and community partnerships in Richmond and vicinity are crucial to advancing our work to determine creek health throughout the county, and we can provide the training, support, and quality control to ensure they collect comparable data. These local grassroots partners, in turn, provide important local knowledge of topography, tributaries, and land history so that we can choose our water quality monitoring sites wisely.

As another part, we need to replace an important water quality meter, a $7,500 YSI multiparameter meter, that we rely on for our work monitoring bioswales in Richmond. The meter was stolen in early 2021, and it’s a crucial piece of equipment that’s required for us to continue our work cleaning stormwater in urban city centers before the water flows into the San Francisco Bay. Our Greening Urban Watersheds team builds these stormwater filter swales in the areas that need it most, some of which also suffer high incidents of crime. We depend on this type of equipment for our work, and moving forward we will ensure we always have at least two staff working together with it for safety.