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Friends of the Inyo
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Conglomerate Mesa Defense
California Wildlands Rapid Response Fund, 2021
Land Management/Urban Sprawl/Open Space
Sierra Nevada
Inyo County
Project Description:

In response to the recent escalation of efforts by a mining exploration company to facilitate the development of a cyanide heap leach gold mine on Conglomerate Mesa, the coalition working to defend and protect Conglomerate Mesa seeks funding to intensify defense and protection efforts. These efforts include on the ground marketing, press release services, consultants, and travel expenses to spread the word and get key decision makers on the ground.
Conglomerate Mesa is a special place for many reasons, and its values would be destroyed by industrial cyanide heap leach mining. The Mesa is designated CDNCL, and is protected by the DRECP. It is ecologically important as a home to a thriving population of Joshua Trees and a handful of species of rare and endemic plants. Conglomerate Mesa is culturally significant, indeed sacred, to two local area tribes, both of which are steadfastly opposed to exploration or mining activities of any kind.