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Native American Land Conservancy
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Coyote Hole Visitation Threat Relief Project
California Wildlands Rapid Response Fund, 2021
Southern Desert
San Bernardino
Project Description:

The influx of visitors to Joshua Tree National Park and surrounding areas is creating negative impacts on the Coyote Hole Preserve. The slot canyon of the property is lined with dozens of rock art panels and the entirety of the property is rich in cultural artefacts. Climbing and increased visitation since the pandemic has resulted in damage to the rock art and unauthorized removal of cultural heritage items, now held by the National Park visitor center. This project will launch an urgently-needed volunteer site monitor corps to provide well-trained and equipped people to ensure there is no further unauthorized or harmful access to and/or use of the site. This corps will continue after the rapid response funding as it will require minimal funding from there as a volunteer program and the corps will have time to secure its funding stream. It will also enable us to consult with tribes and tribal elders to ensure the cultural heritage items are dealt with in the most appropriate manner.