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Capacity Building in the Sierra Nevada: Tribal and DAC Project Development and Support
Central Valley Disadvantaged Community Water Quality Fund, 2021
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CABY is the Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) planning group that serves communities living in the watersheds of the Cosumnes, American, Bear, and Yuba rivers. The Sierra Fund (TSF) has prioritized equitable inclusion of Tribes and underestimated communities in CABY’s decision-making processes, ensuring that the regional Plan includes the priority projects of underrepresented populations. TSF has collaborated with Tribal leaders to make sure that these stewards of regional water bodies are awarded funding to meet their water quality and access needs.
TSF is working to make sure underrepresented people know about the variety and types of projects that qualify for inclusion in the 2021 CABY IRWM Plan Update. Projects listed in the Plan are eligible for specialized funding from the Department of Water Resources (DWR) under Proposition 1. Three objectives of TSF’s work in this area will be:
– Develop and Sponsor Tribally-led Projects in the CABY Region
– Develop and Sponsor Projects that serve Disadvantaged Communities (DACs) and Small Water Providers in the CABY Region.
– Integrate Projects into the Larger CABY Grant Bundle to DWR and Build Capacity of Priority Populations to Administer these Projects.